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Need Mold Damage Leads?

If you’re getting tired of paying for Mold Damage Leads…we’re the solution.

The Yellow Pages are dead, but the business is still out there to be had. Our Mold Removal Leads get you more calls. Our calls are not distributed to 4-5 companies, but you exclusively. You’ll know when that call comes through, that 3 other competitors of yours will not be calling the client right after you. They are your leads.

Easy Return on your investment.   It only takes one good job from our mold remediation leads and it pays force whole year of service from us. Considering the average residential mold damage job can be $500 to several thousand dollars each, it’s easy to see how much you’re spending compared to how much it brings back to you.

We won’t take a percentage of your job. We won’t get involved in your bidding process, billing, etc. We get you the leads for mold remediation  – phone calls, the rest is up to you. Some may want a percentage of your profits and even want to manage the billing for you. We feel this goes too far and is your business, so we stay out of it.

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