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Top Way Internet Customers find you when they have Mold Damage?

It is totally different driving calls into your biz today than it was in 1995, or even 2008. We know that no one uses the phone book any longer. Not when we have mini-computers at our fingertips.

Two of the biggest types of internet marketing nowadays use either advertisements or the organic listings in Google. You see them constantly – the 4 advertisements at first glance on the screen at the top, Google Maps, and then natural listings underneath that. Also, obviously Google is the only winner in that money-making game.

So which one turns out better for getting business? Ads or Natural Results?

For quite a long time, Google has announced that the advertisements beat out organic results. In any case, in our biz, we never discovered that to be the case. We’d see a great deal of traffic into a client’s site, yet not the calls. And then, we’d ask the public and possibly 1 out of 10 individuals would reveal to us that they use the ads. The vast majority didn’t give them a second look. So the information that Google claims that ads are the cat’s meow, definitely didn’t add up to what we found, because we now know they hide that information from everybody.

Some time back, Groupon – the monster online coupon supplier – did a test for everyone. They shut down their site from Google, in a real sense turned it off, to test the amount of their web traffic came from Natural outcomes in Google. What they discovered was alarming. They found that 60% of all traffic that Google would report as “direct” is really natural pursuit. For the full article, click here.

So what does this mean for all of us? It means that if you aren’t marketing the natural results, you’re losing out on the majority of business available for the internet. 

All things considered, where do you think the leads that the lead gen folks are selling you come from? The organic results and PPC.

Good luck out there!


Dan York, Founder and CEO, Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.