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Too Busy to Market Your Company?

There’s a lot of our clients currently who are in a fantastic position even given the COVID-19 situation, in that they are having hard time keeping up with all of the calls they’re getting. That’s awesome, right? Well some of them get stressed out and they tend to, unfortunately, do the wrong thing because of it.

Their wrong answer goes something like this: “I can finally take my attention off of marketing” or “Let’s slow some things down” or even worse, “Let’s turn off our lead gen.”

So then, some of our clients request to turn off their Pay-Per-Click programs, SEO programs or their Lead Generation programs and sometimes unbelievably, their referral programs, when they get busier than usual. They feel like they can’t keep up. This can prove to be a fatal move for any business, as it lacks that necessary future foresight. What you should be doing is what we should all intuitively know, is to grow your business and hire new people to handle that growth. The correct answer is never to “turn off the growth”.

A business owner must have foresight and try to predict and prepare for the future. The mold remediation business has its ups and its downs.  If you’re only thinking about what’s going on today, and you don’t have the potential downs on your mind at all times, that unexpected loss you’re going to experience is going to hurt. When things are going well, you need to do more of what’s making it go well, while looking 3 to 6 months into the future to make sure your company and family is taken care of. Your sales and marketing should never stop.

To handle being too busy, you’ll have to work the overtime, look into hiring some contractors or other companies to help you run your calls. One thing you don’t do, is start digging your own grave, by turning off your marketing campaigns and putting off until tomorrow what you should be doing today. And always be adding new sales and marketing programs and procedures for your future year.

This business is unpredictable. There’s all sorts of reasons that I’m sure you’ve experienced that you will have slows. It’s inevitable. Always add to, never take away. Always think of expansion and organizing for that expansion, never pull back.

To your success,

Dan York Founder & CEO Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.