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Can you trick Google into giving you higher rankings with content spinning software?

The short answer is, yes…for a while.

That is, until they catch you doing it and penalize your site.

So what is content spinning and what is content spinning software?

Content is simply the words, pictures and information on your webpages. It’s no more complicated than that.

Spinning is a term used to describe changing around, or updating, the words on your webpage while saying basically the same thing. For example, I could say, “How did you enjoy your vacation?” If I were to “spin” that “content”, I would spin it to, “Was the holiday you took enjoyable?”

About every two years I see a new company out there offering “new & magical” SEO results with software that automatically changes your content, or “spins “it. The funny thing is that every one of these companies that develops software like this thinks they’re first to think of it and do it. Well, they’re not.

Anyways, as I stated at the beginning of the article – it will work…for a while. And how it works in that “while” is that Google will see that you’re “updating” your website frequently.

But…when they catch you using a software program that is automatically spinning content on your website, that violates their terms of service (click here to read it) and not only will they penalize you for doing it they will flag the software and anybody else using it will all get hit at once.

Don’t believe me? I’ve seen it. And we’ve had to try to fix it, which is very, very difficult and sometimes so expensive that you’re better off just buying a new domain name and starting from scratch which is a ridiculous waste of your marketing budget and time.

Now, the SEO business has some real geniuses in it, I know some of the best in the world personally and am lucky to work with some of the best. If things like content software were actual viable long-term solutions, believe me, we’d all use them and would’ve invented them long ago, ourselves. But we have to fix the damage done by them, which is why all of the best, most reputable, and largest SEO companies out there, do not use or create software like this for long term use.

It’s really one simple question: If it works so well long-term for clients, why isn’t everyone in the SEO space using them? It’s not because they are slow, or dumb or antique or whatever.

Anyone that thinks they’re going to outsmart Google’s engineers are fooling themselves. Google may not be perfect or totally ethical, but I’ll tell you one thing they’re not, is dumb. And if anybody thinks for one minute if they are going to fool Google’s team of literal genius engineers with little software programs like this, well, needs to do some introspection. Let’s just leave that there.

Good luck out there.


Dan York