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Are you right for our company? Are we right for you?

How do you know if we are right for your company? We claim to be one of the first, most experienced and effective online mold removal marketing companies in the world right? Does that mean we are right for you? Maybe not. Sometimes we straight-up turn down clients to work with us, so let’s see if we’re a match or not:

Our sole focus is how to increase your revenues. That’s it. But anyone who is anyone in business knows that there are no guarantees in marketing and it takes the client, together with us, to make a successful team to make a high-revenue generating program.

Does everyone generate revenue with us? Nope. On average our clients can make a 5-10x average ROI, some stars way, way higher. A lot of our clients would never consider leaving us.

So, who are the guys that are a perfect match to work with us? What do they have in common? Here is what we’ve found:

  1. Persistence. The most successful guys know nothing comes easy, they are persistent and don’t give up along the way when the going gets tough. They don’t “company bounce” from service to service. They’re in it to win it.
  2. They buy value, not low prices. You won’t hear them say things like, “this other guy’s prices are cheaper” or “you’re too expensive.” They ask questions like, “why are your prices more expensive?” or “Can you guys actually help me grow my marketing results?” They understand that you get what you pay for.
  3. They want a valued partner. They aren’t looking for “just anyone” to work with, which could be anyone from India or any other country that does internet marketing, they want someone who actually knows what they are doing and they don’t waste time. Cheap and exported wastes time, time is money, they know that. 
  4. They want to stay on the cutting edge of marketing. Anyone who is stuck in the phone book days and just is in it to “try it to see if it works” generally gives up too soon to reap the benefits of it working. But take the 30 year old who grew up in the internet generation and knows that’s how everyone is looking these days? He kills it, great ROI. Simple viewpoint differences.
  5. They know there is no 1-trick-pony in marketing. The best guys use us to accentuate the other 4-5 great marketing campaigns they have going, they don’t ONLY depend on that. No experienced business owner depends on 1 marketing program and expects to really make a big business.

That’s the bottom line to know if we’re a good fit for each other. Some guys, well, it is feast or famine.  When asked what their plans are for the slow season: they don’t have one.  Their true plan is to just stress out until busy season comes around, maybe blame other people or things for their company’s slowness.  This is a losing attitude, no marketing company can help that company.  No one ever wins a race by dragging their feet, and let’s face it, when it comes to any business, it is a race to be the one called first.

Dan York

Founder, Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.