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How do I get more of the online business for my Mold Remediation Company?

How do I get more of the online business for my Mold Remediation Company?

This question is fairly simple in theory, but can become very complex when you get into the nitty-gritty of it. There are a lot of areas to move into, and each these areas have become a specialty in their own right. And they got that way for a reason. And to further complicate this, each person, in each area, may or may not be a specialist in the technology they are using and they may or may not be a specialist in the Mold Remediation business itself. BUT…everyone will have an opinion, whether it’s a good one or not will be the biggest barrier you will run into. But let’s just leave that to the side for now, shall we?

First, let’s start by looking at some of top major online technologies and areas you’ll need to work:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Google results and Google Local results
  2. Google Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC)
  3. Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.


Which one should you use? Ideally? All of them. But we do have to be realistic too. We all have budgets to work with and we want the best ROI for our marketing budgets, obviously.


Each one of the above can generate different sorts of prospects for you, of which, we will break down below:


SEO will get you into the natural Google results and Google Local (maps) results. This is imperative for your company. It’s the modern phone book, you just have to be there. But who does it pick up? It picks up those people that are already on the hunt for you. It does not cultivate new interest from a person necessarily. So you see why this is imperative, these are your hottest prospects – they are already looking for you.

2. Google PPC

PPC will do the same above with SEO. It will get you in front of the people that are already looking for you, your hottest prospects & leads.  But it differs from SEO in that you are paying for Google Ads. Your hot prospect will click on the ad and you pay for each click of that ad. In exchange for you paying for that click, you get your ad placed at the top of the screen. But you see, it is essentially the same market as SEO, people already looking for you.


3. Social Media

This is different. Whether we’re  talking about Facebook or Instagram or any other Social Media site, the market of people here is very different. They aren’t looking for you here. When people are looking for you they use Google and go find you. So why use Social Media? 2 reasons: 1. Branding and 2. market cultivation. For 1., you can keep showing up in their Social Media feeds, they see you over and over and you become recognizable. You can become a brand with them. So when they do need you, they will potentially recognize you and that may channel them into calling you. And the 2.? You can cultivate a prospect and turn them hot. If you’re doing the right things on Facebook and Instagram, you can potentially interest someone into contacting you. So you’ve turned someone into a prospect instead of waiting for them to just BE one. See that?


Now, this may be overly simplified here, but that is the point. None of this is actually is complicated. If it is complicated, it is the person you are working with that is making it complicated. And my advice is that if they are, find someone else to work with. The best and the brightest all have a knack for making the complicated seem…less so.



Dan York, Founder

Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.