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How To Market My New Mold Remediation Company

How To Market My New Mold Remediation Company

Ok, so you’ve got it all- you’ve bought your gear, you’ve got your truck, you may have even bought into a nice franchise and have a lot of of support. And now you just need….clients.


So what do you do? Well, let’s not get anxious. First of all, I tell people to start getting very logical instead of anxious. Anxiety makes you spend  your money in stupid ways and kind of do everything while achieving nothing.  We want to hit the target with every shot we take, not put holes in the wall around the dart board right?


Ok, so, someone has a mold problem? Where do they go to find you? Who found out about the mold problem? Who is the most likely person to call you about the mold problem? Why would they pick you, once they find you, over your competitors?  These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself.

Don’t think too much about it, a lot of good ideas by bright people actually don’t work because they didn’t just simply look at what works.  You have to look.


We don’t know everything that works, but we know enough having specialized in Mold Marketing for the last 5+ years.  One things that should absolutely be in your arsenal is our mold remediation marketing program.  Why?  Because it works.

We once had a client of ours who did water damage and mold remediation call us to turn off our mold program because he “really didn’t want that many calls for mold” in the 1st place. It works.


Will you get bad calls? Sure, but who cares, you’ll get good calls too and they don’t cost you per call.


Phone books, eh. Put yourself in there and kind of forget about it. Lead Generation companies, they work. Angie’s List, that works, Yelp, eh., BBB is good for credibility, not leads really. Networking with Water Damage Restoration companies for the Mold Leads they don’t do as good, but certainly worth your time. Those should get you started and you’ll learn more regionally along the way.


Here’s to your success!


Dan York

Founder of Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.