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How to Get More Mold Remediation Jobs? (or how not to go bankrupt!)

We’re asked this question all the time. Working with Mold Remediation Companies all over the world, we certainly have an opinion about it, and a good one at that.


Here’s the Answer:


Do every marketing outlet you can find that works, and if it works, persist at it – don’t quit.  


Some people don’t believe me when I say this. Maybe it’s too simple to believe or they want to think there is some “secret” that the big companies know. But I’ve worked with Mom and Pop shops doing $250k per year, and the Goliaths of the industry making 10’s of Millions per year. That’s it. There is no big secret.


I’ve watched a lot of bankrupted Mold Remediation Companies in the last 5 years. You learn a lot by watching them.

Here is why most Mold Remediation Companies aren’t winning like they should be (or are bankrupt):


  • They Rely on one or two forms of marketing only. 
  • They give up too early on any marketing program they try. 
  • When $ gets tough, they stop marketing, which puts the final nail in the coffin of their company. 


Let’s look into these a bit more.


1. They Rely on one or two forms of marketing. All you have to do is look at the big guys (local or franchises) . They are everywhere – billboards, phone books, tons of internet marketing, lead generation, bright vans, flyers in newspapers, postcards, Plumbers refer them, you name it. Small guys try to find “one good thing”.  Maybe you will for a while, but it never lasts and it certainly doesn’t build a successful company. And when you go into a slump, it usually ends you. Big, successful, lasting companies are doing minimally 6 major forms of marketing or advertising.

2. They give up too early on any marketing program they try. This is so common. I can’t tell you how many Mold Remediation Company owners I’ve talked to that say “I tried that, it didn’t work.” No, what didn’t work was the owner of the company. He didn’t persist. He tries it for a few weeks or months and then quits because he didn’t see results yet. Marketing doesn’t work like that. Any successful business owner knows it takes persistence, long term strategies and is similar to a relay race: You must make each part of the marketing program work.

3. When the going gets tough, they stop marketing, putting the final nail in the coffin of their soon-to-be-broke company.  You know what the big guys do when the going gets tough and business is slow? Market more…WAY more.  You know what the small guys do when the going gets tough? Cut off their marketing programs to “save money” which really costs them more money in lost revenues then they are saving through the stopping of their marketing programs. That usually finished the job on killing their revenues.


I know a guy who is wowing people. He’s only 27 and his company is already doing a couple million per year after only 2 years. Everyone thinks he is a magic man, and maybe he is. He’s client of mine. I asked him what he does. He told me that he uses my company (of course), 3 lead generation companies, is in the phone book buying ads, uses the Yellow Pages Online, works Angie’s list, has a city-wide PPC program, sends out postcards, networks plumbers, insurance agents as well as contractors and more. He grew his company faster in 1-1/2 years than another client of mine who took 25 years to get to the same size.


So stop wondering why you are not big enough, review these points. They are correct. The big guys know it.



Dan York, Founder and CEO

Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.